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Welcome to Tel-Aviv

This is going to be a much shorter post than my usual sort because it's 1:30am here in Tel-Aviv, and I have an early morning call.  This city is INCREDIBLE.  The mixture of people and language and food is a little dizzying.  While I haven't yet spent any time on the beautiful beaches here (the waters of the Mediterranean are as captivating as you would imagine), I plan to.  Oh, I plan to.  In the mean time, I've been trying to get some work done, in between my duties with the ballet company.  Between applying for a super neat grant for something in the future (no spoilers yet!), recording and editing some videos for the website, and coordinating with the people at the US Embassy in Sri Lanka regarding this summer's adventures, it's been a full couple of days!

Jet lag still lingers on -- I stay up too late, and wake up too early.  There just isn't enough coffee.  I went to Jaffa and took some photos of this stunning little port town to the south of Tel-Aviv, but I'll tell you about that later (with photos!)  Until then, just trust me... it's beautiful.

There are a lot of cats here, just running around.  I don't know, maybe we have a lot of strays in New York?  But it seems like they are EVERYWHERE here.

Let's see, beaches... food... lots of cats... I've covered a lot of the first impressions.  Much more to come later.  :)