Coty Cockrell

Professional creative site for Coty Cockrell.  Music, Theater, Art. 

The birth of a website!

As I sit here at my kitchen table, it is 3:17 in the morning.  I should be in bed (I should have been in bed a long time ago, actually), but I am just too delighted to have made such expeditious progress on my first professional website!  This has truly been a milestone for me, a goal looming over me for years.  And here it is, my very own space on the internet to share my thoughts, ideas, upcoming projects, and connect with fans, family, and fellow artists!  

Please keep an eye out for updates... I'm sure that there will be several in the coming days!  I have a lot of really exciting plans for this spring and summer, but will need time to work out the details.  

Until then, full speed ahead!